With STAPPZ you participate in an open conversation with pictures and text from your current position. You create and perpetuate your own STAPPZ: Moments, noteworthy facts or any other information that you consider relevant. Nearby fellows (other STAPPZ users) see those STAPPZ and respond to them by posting something themselves or by saving them in their profile. This way, people who join STAPPZ enrich and weave the world around them by collaborating and taking advantage of the knowledge and experience that others have left.

Imagine if the local experiences and knowledge of what is going on around you, is just a fingertip away. Each time your location changes, you receive new STAPPZ at your new location. Additionally, you can adjust the range in which STAPPZ gets shown.

Be Local - Everywhere


STAPPZ is designed to focus on where you are. Create moments and memories with the people that are around you – publish them - and remember them in your profile once you leave.

You can caption, recommend, mention, remember and like everything you want to, exactly at the place where you are. Whether it is just a great time with friends, great food, a festival or a historic event. You share and announce what is live near you.

Leave a footprint, a photo or just a comment like "Jenny was here..."... Your memories or opinions, getting remembered and seen by others enriches the world around us. These are your footprints, your STAPPZ, and this is what others will see, like and experience.


Your Mission

In order to take STAPPZ to the next level, we need the help of every user. Our goal is to reach one Million STAPPZ and we are certain that we can achieve this together. Because once you and 99.999 people post just 10 STAPPZ - we will have done it together. All the people that help us reach our first one million STAPPZ will be honored by having a special mark in their profile once our goal is reached.

So join us for the One Million STAPPZ Worldwide Challenge. Become a part of something big. Be a pioneer in a new layer of the world. Discover, explore and enrich the world for you and for others around you. It's all in your hands.

Help us and invite Friends

Spread the Word

Today, STAPPZ is a vision and we need your help for the next STAPPZ. The Beta of the App is already there and we will improve it STAPP by STAPP. In order to make it even better, we need you.

First, we need your feedback. We need your opinions to determine what matters for most of the user and which functionality is desired for the future. We will do our best to listen to the opinions that the most users have. Your opinion matters!

Secondly, STAPPZ will only have the maximum fun factor when you and a lot of your friends use it. Therefore, we ask you for your help: Please spread the word about STAPPZ to as many friends as possible. We know - together we can do it.