We a thrilled to announce that the talk about STAPPZ at the ITB is public. It was such a great fair and so interesting to get to meet so many great people there. See the talk at slideshare Travel Guides Are Old News – Being A Local Insider Everywhere Is Today – ITB Berlin 2016 from Tim Frey

STAPPZ in blogs – with inline map

We are glad to announce some great evangelists for STAPPZ. Rea in Lisbon/Portugal creates her own STAPPZ app of the wonders she discovers. Nimrodelat covers the former German captial, Bonn: The great thing is that Rea and Nimrodelat use the embedded STAPPZ webmap to display their findings. I really appreciate that we did this together here and that we were able to do test the embedded map agian. What I liked most is the personal contact and feedback to both. The openess and the social interaction with our users always makes me always very happy. Check out the Blogs of Nimrodelat and Rea. I’m really gald to have them on board and they are worthwhile a visit. Both blogs are german, but the blog or rea also contains an english section.

STAPPZ @ “Inspiration out of Vogue” Blog

Anna und Jara, zwei super nette STAPPZ Benutzer aus ‪#‎Frankfurt betreiben den interessanten “Inspiration out of Vogue” Blog. Ich möchte an dieser Stelle das Blog weiterempfehlen, da mir dieser sehr gut gefällt. Daher schaut doch mal rein und erzählt euren Freunden von dem Blog in dem es um DIY, Food und Beauty geht. Im Blog haben Sie gerade auch STAPPZ vorgestellt und hier ist der Link zum Blog.

STAPPZ Version 22

We just added a new STAPPZ Version 22 into the Google Playstore with the following features / bugfixes: – Supporting our brand new internet maps on – 100 KM range for registered users – Awesome new 3D Vector Travel World Maps (offline cached) – for your trips and vacations – Offline caching of Stappz, Maps and all your data – no roaming – Premium Features – Enhanced Location Service – Reactive Rating Feature – Spanish and Portuguese Language Support – Better Place & Location Selection – faster creation of Stappz – enhanced user experience and performance